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VinEntertainment High-fidelity

Project Statement:

Providing the most pleasant and effective method of utilizing Vinbus as public transportation. An app called Vinjoy was conceived for implementation after realising the inconvenience of Vinbus’s users while having to wait for a long time to reach their stop. Unlike typical buses, this app allows passengers to select their stops at any time throughout the journey without physically pressing the stop button. Users can minimize their interaction on the bus and ensure their safety, especially as the COVID-19 outbreak continues. Users can participate in VinGroup’s “Phu Xanh Tuong Lai” project, which aims to create a green forest, while also learning more when on the Vinbus and listening to podcasts.

Working Process:

During this course, the students learn about the world of Interaction Design (UI/UX) over 3 months of study. They learn essential Skills and Theory in user experience design and form a foundation of understanding, where they are tasked with identifying problem spaces based on real-world scenarios from their everyday environment, encounters and experiences.

The students work on a body of research that focuses on field and site analysis, observations, interviews, focus groups and surveys, where they build a collection of qualitative and quantitive data to develop project ideas from. Using this information, they examine personas and design scenarios to determine a set of design solutions that can be rapidly prototyped and tested (low – mid – high fidelity), through storyboards and wireframes using Figma, Invision, Spark AR, Blender, Adobe XD software in order to answer to their problem statements.

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