Trading & Payments App

Trading & Payments App

Hello Figma Community,

Here is my new design concept for all in one app which can help you to make your investments, manage cards & make payments.

Colors –

(Ultramarine Blue) #305BF3 – Primary colors for button & graph.

(Very Light Azure)#6FBAFC – Used lighter blue version for the combination.

(Cinnamon Satin) #D06978 –  Used as a color combination with ultramarine blue.

(Black Coral) #4E5C75 – Used for inactive icons.

(Spanish Gray) #9C9C9C -Used for subtitle text

(Smoky Black) #0B0C10 – Used as a background color.

Font –

Product Sans (Regular & Bold) – Used for a soft yet professional influence

Asset Link or credits –

Iron Cards by Halo Labs (Figma Community)


  1. Glassmorphism
  2. Iron Effect

Our designer says – 

“Dark mode has been around longer than you might think. In fact, the world’s first computers used dark mode by default because screen illuminating technology wasn’t efficient enough to light up an entire screen without burning out.”

Things you should consider while designing dark mode:

1. Avoid pure black

2. Avoid heavily saturated colours

3. Make sure there is enough contrast in your colours

4. Soften white backgrounds

5. Match your colours to your message

6. Communicate depth

I hope you enjoy exploring this shot.

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Thanks 🙂

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