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Ossea – NFT Marketplace App UI Kit

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Free sample and design preview for personal use only.

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Ossea is a Premium & High Quality UI Kit with All Full Features of NFT Marketplace App. Ossea came with unique style and niche, you can easily edit and customize all elements with design components which can speed up design process for your projects. Everything is integrated with the design system, so you only need to change the color, logo, text, and so on in the design system, then the entire design screen will automatically change.

Ossea support for iOS/Android (design system included) and 162 screens which is 100% editable & customizable. Designs are available in Figma. In addition, the design is also equipped with a version of Light & Dark Theme.

Ossea is designed in a trendy and modern way, with all layers well organized. Ossea is equipped with a design system with hundred of components. The Design System has been equipped with typography, iconography, color styles, components, variants, elements, buttons, input forms, alerts, avatars, checkboxes, chips, grids, toggles, and many others.

In addition, the application design in figma has been designed with fully auto layout, so it is very adaptive if you want to edit, delete, or add some parts. If you are not familiar with auto layout, you can turn it off by right-clicking the layer, and selecting remove auto layout.

Ossea UI Kit is suitable for:

  • NFT Marketplace App
  • NFT Store App
  • NFT App & Cryptocurrency App
  • Crypto Wallet App
  • Crypto Exchange App

Main App Features:

  • NFT Marketplace App with Complete Features & Details
  • NFT Storefront, NFT Details, & Advanced Token Search
  • NFT Statistics (Rankings & Activity)
  • Advanced NFT Search, Filter, & Sort (by status, price, blockchain (ethereum, polygon, klaytn, solana), category, & currency)
  • Upload / Create NFT, Listings / Sell, Listing Status, Buy / Purchase NFT, Make Offer, Bidding, & Auction
  • Connect with Crypto Wallet like Metamask, Trust, Coinbase, Phantom, WalletConnect, Fortmatic, & much more
  • Complete User Profile NFT Storefront & Management
  • Manage NFT Collections (Create, Edit, & More)
  • In-App Crypto Wallet, NFT Category, Manage Watchlist, NFT Status Tracking, Notification, Advanced Settings, & more

Product Highlights:

  • 160+ Screens (iOS/Android Support)
  • 100% Editable & Customizable
  • Compatibility: Figma
  • Light & Dark Theme Included
  • Design System & Hundred of Components
  • Fully Auto Layout
  • Well Organized Layers System
  • Unique, Stylish & Modern
  • Used Google Free Fonts
  • Used Grid System
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Global Styleguide
  • Easily Drag & Drop Design


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