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Helium – Astro Theme

Build a customized eLearning academy site on Helium

Helium is a frontend framework developed by Thought Industries that allows you to build a customized eLearning academy. To help you get started with Helium, download a theme and begin customizing.

What is the Astro theme?

Astro is a theme used when designing your learning site using Helium. Use Astro or another theme when you want to get started quickly with Helium. 

How does Astro theme work?

1. Customize branding by replacing the default logos and style properties with your own.

→ Step 1: Logo

→ Step 2: Colors

→ Step 3: Typography

→ Step 4: Icons

2. Customize page templates to fit your specific needs.

→ Homepage

→ Dashboard

3. Sync content from Google Sheets.

→ Sync content from Google Sheets directly into your Figma file.

4. Create Light/Dark themes (optional).

→ Switch between Light and Dark themes.

What is Helium?

Helium is a new frontend framework provided to you by Thought Industries, the leader in customer learning management software. Helium provides a complete library of UI components, hooks, and utilities that make building custom learning experiences fast, easy, and fun. Helium utilizes a modern technology stack that includes React, GraphQL, and Tailwind CSS.

Who is Thought Industries?

Thought Industries helps organizations of all sizes build successful, long-term customer and partner relationships through engaging learning experiences. Using the customer learning managing platform, Thought industries wants users to monetize and deliver content at scale.

How can I learn more?

→ Documentation:

→ Support email:

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