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Fashion Branding

Hello Creative People,

We’re celebrating women today and everyday. This design resonates with the exciting fashion events that our superwomen are a part of. The components used here include latest news and event invitations in the coolest branding possible.. Here are the specifics:

Colors –

(Dark Charcoal) #333333 – primary black for text on light background

(Aztec Gold)#C4996D – Used for highlighting

(Old Silver) #A0A6AD – used for the less emphasis text

(Alabaster) #A29C90 – Used for decorating elements

(Ice Gray) #BDB9B0 – Used as a background color

(Floral white)#FFFFFF – Used as base color

Font –

DM Sans (Regular) – used for body copy

Playfair Display (Regular) – used for highlight

Asset Link or credits –

All the images are used from Unsplash.

Our designer says – Fashion fascinates me and I wanted to contribute to it as a designer. So, the trending neutral and pastel palettes combined with fancy fonts helped me achieve the vibe I was looking forward to create!

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